How to Submit an Article

  • Click on the “Submit Article” button.
  • Inset your first name, last name, and Email.
  • Use the SEO Content Analysis tool to review your SEO score.
  • Title Guidelines:
    • TITLE cannot contain an HTML tag, author name, or URL.
    • The TITLE must NOT contain any slang words or profanity in it.
    • Do not stuff your TITLE with keywords. It should be an easy-to-understand title that is not flooded with keywords.
  • Content Guidelines:
    • We do not accept more than 2 anchor text links. 
    • We do not accept negative marketing against another company or one’s competitors.
    • We do not accept articles that contain information about replying to personal email addresses, phone numbers, mobile numbers postal addresses, or other means of correspondence. Articles containing any personal information will be deleted.
    • We do not accept articles that contain promotion of or information on pornography/ explicit adult material, violence, escort services, sales of prescription or illicit drugs, steroid use, tobacco, marijuana, cannabis, alcohol, wine, beer, weapons, ammunition, replicas, video streaming, movie download links, watch a live movie, hacking, cracking or retrieving passwords.
  • Category Guidelines:
    • The article must be submitted in the category that suits it perfectly.
  • Tag Guidelines:
    • 2 Tags Allowed
    • All the Tags must be relevant to the article. Articles containing irrelevant Tags will be rejected.

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How to Submit an Article
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