Youtube is a free video-sharing website and social media platform that makes it easy to watch online videos. It is the second-most-viewed website after a Google search, and youtube is owned by Google. In this digital world, people are running behind these kinds of social media platforms, including YouTube being one. Let it be the creators who want to up their game, the viewers who want entertainment, or any kind of informational video connected to social media platforms. According to a recent report, Youtube has more than 2.5 billion active users and invests more than one billion hours of videos daily. However, with so much competition, it can be challenging to be noticed by the viewers, so here comes the role of Purchase Youtube Comments to grow your youtube channel.

In this challenging field, the creators, whether new or old, all want to get more views, grab people’s attention, and want people to subscribe to gain subscribers, and one of the best ways to do this is by engaging in the comments. It will help your video rank in searches, show up in suggested videos, and be promoted by youtube. A video with more comments will reach or be recommended to viewers, and then organically; your channel can grow. However, this is a very slow process, and it takes time and dedication to grow your channel organically to boost your channel’s engagement so that it can run on track; purchasing comments is not bad after all.

Few ways to grow a youtube channel through comments:

  • Pin comments: this is a new but amazing concept for engagement. You can pin down the comments you like and think are related to your video content or a very positive comment. The specific comment can be at the top, which is important so that the viewers have a good impact on your video; sometimes, a few negative comments are at the top, which can be a bad influence.
  • Hearting comments: this is a new feature launched by youtube; you can heart comments along with thumbs up or thumbs down. This feature lets the viewer who commented know that you have viewed their comment and liked it, even if you don’t have time to reply to the comment. Now, if you like a comment in your past videos, this sends a notification to the commenter. The viewer will automatically be drawn to see the notification and might watch your content there. So hearting comments are a cool way to bring back the viewer with less interaction. 
  • Timecodes: you can add timecodes in your description or your comments if your video is too long so that people can directly skip to that part instead of leaving the video. Timecode will allow them to engage and not get bored.
  • Reply to comments: try replying to all the comments, which can lead you to double the comments, which means double the engagement. For example, if you have ten comments under your video and reply to all of them, then youtube will view it as twenty total comments, which might help you get into the youtube algorithm.
  • You can use the thumbs up or down feature in the comments to thumbs up the positive and thumbs down the negative comments. Here it increases the engagement between the creator and the viewer; when the viewer sees that his desirable creator has seen his comment, it will grab his attention, and he will want to engage more. 

These are a few tips through which the creators can engage in comments and grow their youtube channel.

In conclusion, on your starting days, it’s okay to Purchase Youtube Comments which will make a loop where you will engage with the audience in the comments; when your comments are more, youtube recommends your videos to others, and then you gain genuine subscribers, and then they comment, and this loop/cycle goes on. 

Youtube is a very large and vast area to explore. People nowadays love working on social media, and youtube is one of them. People who create and the viewer both enjoy their jobs. Youtube is shared amongst a huge population, and people thoroughly enjoy it. It affects the population in large quantities. As much as youtube is mesmerizing and helpful, it has its side effects; one should use this kind of social media carefully.

Purchasing youtube comments can make your job easier, but the risk is maximum. You need to look after many things; for example, when buying youtube subscribers, make sure that the deal you are making is correct and that you’re not getting scammed. Don’t fall under their trap; all the sweet and promising offers may also turn fake; make sure you go through all the details and note all the important things. The best way to purchase Youtube Comments is to contact an authentic seller ready to sell comments to you.

Purchase Youtube Comments
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