Fast Track Your Dental Assistant Career: Become an Expert In As Little As Nine Months

Dental Assistants may perform administrative, clinical, or other tasks to provide patient support at dental offices. The career of an assistant is a fulfilling one since they genuinely help patients to care for their oral health. However, if you’re aspiring to be a dental assistant in California, it is important to figure out how long would you spend in schooling. 

After enrolling in one of the Dental Assistant Schools in California, it may take you anywhere from 9 months to two years depending on the certification or RDA programs or type of assistant you want to become. 

Prospects for Dental Assistants

This decade will have a strong and consistent demand for dental assistants. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for dental assistants is projected to grow by 8 percent within this decade. Moreover, around 56000 dental assistant positions are projected to open up every year till 2031.

You’ll also earn way more than the national average as a dental assistant in the following cities of California: 

Types of Dental Assistants

Before you search for “dental assistant school near me”, make sure that you meet the pre-requisites for enrolling in a dental assistant program. To start training or enrolling in any Dental Assistant program in California, you must be:

  1. 18 years old
  2. Have a GED or a High School Diploma

California divides dental assistants into levels and depending on your choice, you’ll become a dental assistant within less than a year or gather the qualifications over a few years.

  • UDA

UDA (Unlicensed Dental Assistants are professionals who need to be under the supervision of a licensed dentist to support basic dental procedures. They are allowed to perform basic dental procedures according to the regulations set by California Dental Board. Most people don’t sign up to become a UDA since it is a very limiting role that doesn’t pay particularly well. Most people who work as a UDA, use that experience to qualify as a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA).

  • RDA

On the other hand, an RDA (Registered Dental Assistant) can perform supportive dental procedures with the general supervision of a licensed dentist. You have more responsibilities since you can perform those procedures without the physical presence of the dentist in the room.


As an RDAEF (Registered Dental Assistant in Extended Functions), you’ll be permitted to perform advanced supportive dental procedures with direct supervision from a dentist.

  • RDAEF with Additional training

 An RDAEF with additional training can help dental assistant in radiography tasks and do the same supportive procedures with the general supervision of a licensed dentist. You’ll have an advanced role with higher responsibilities since the dentist won’t need to be physically present in the room. 


Instead of starting as a UDA and climbing the levels over several years, you can boost your career by enrolling in an RDA program offered by the best dental assistant schools in California. MDS Dental Assisting Academy is one such institution that helps you meet your career goals and spike up your earnings with its comprehensive RDA programs.

You can find a branch near you in Redwood City, San Carlos, Mountain View, Palo Alto, San Jose, Fremont, Sunnyvale, Santa Cruz, Salinas, Gilroy, Ben Lomond, and Hayward. You can also cut down on time by enrolling in a California Board approved certificate program that lets you sit in the RDA exam.  

When you enroll for a dental assistant certification, the training program helps you learn about taking X-rays, fabricating crowns, packing temporary fillings, and other such supportive tasks done by dental assistants. These courses also teach about law and ethics which are important for the RDA exam. The exam is divided into sections including specialty procedures, dental procedures, patient treatment, and more and you’ll know about the results within a few weeks.  

With sufficient training and knowledge gathered from the best dental assistant schools in California, scoring the minimum score of 75 percent won’t be a challenge. With hands-on training and coaching designed to create dental assistants of the future, you can score a better earning opportunity in a shorter time.

Dental Assistant Career
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