Get The Best Linux Shared Hosting Plan For WordPress in India

One of the important and difficult tasks faced by a website owner is selecting the right web hosting plan. This task is difficult because in the market a lot of website hosting types are there. This is an important decision because if you choose the wrong web hosting type then your website may suffer in the long run. This will affect your website performance also. We give one piece of advice to stay away from free hosting because they have some limitations and issues and in the end, you will face many technical problems.
If you just started a WordPress website and are looking to buy a web hosting plan then we highly recommend that you choose a reliable and cheap shared hosting plan with a Linux operating system. With shared hosting plans you choose a Linux operating system because it is open source, affordable, and easy to use.
Choosing the web hosting types is not sufficient for a WordPress website in India. You should buy the best Linux shared hosting plan in India. But there are some website owners who can’t judge which plan is the best. So don’t worry! Here in this article, we will discuss some points that are helping to choose the best plan for your WordPress website and where to buy cheap Linux-shared hosting plans in India. So read out a complete article. 

How to Choose The Linux Shared Hosting Plan For a WordPress Website in India?

Just like choosing the web hosting type choosing a plan is also difficult. So for this in this section of the article, we discuss some points that help in choosing the Best Linux shared hosting in India plan. So carefully read all the points. 

Web Storage And Bandwidth

For your WordPress website, you need a certain amount of storage. And if you choose a shared hosting service, you know that only a limited amount of storage space you will get. There are only a few providers that offer unlimited hosting resources. Hence, before choosing the Best Linux Shared Hosting Plans in India, it is important to evaluate your needs and ensure that the space offered by the plan you have chosen is enough to host your website 

If you don’t know how much space you need ensure that you can upgrade your hosting plan at any time so your website cannot go down because of a shortage of bandwidth and server resources.

Another important point that you should look into regarding the shared web hosting plan na that name is “Bandwidth”. Firstly you should know how much bandwidth you allocated and how much your website requires. As per the bandwidth requirements then choose the India Linux shared web hosting plan.

Reliability And Security 

For Every type of website, security plays an important role. Especially When there are 37% of the world’s websites are powered by WordPress, security cannot be taken lightly. So always buy Linux hosting plans in India from a reputable provider that gives more priority to security.

It is important to be aware that security options are limited with shared hosting for WordPress. It’s good, but its security isn’t too great. You should read How to Secure Your Website from Hackers? (in just 5 steps). So you can secure your WordPress website in India.


Support is an important point that you should look into the Best plan of Linux shared hosting in India package. If you have any questions or concerns, you should expect quality and fast support. It is also important to find a web hosting company in India that offers multiple ways for you to contact its customer service department. Nowadays SiteGround, Hostbillo, and Bluehost offer the best customer support, including telephone support also.

It is widely believed that shared hosting affects search engine rankings, but Matt Cutts, a Google webspam engineer, confirmed that it does not. However, you must choose a web host that can ensure your site stays online for a long period of time.

Hostbillo Hosting Solution:- Cheap Linux Shared Hosting Provider in India

To launch a website you should make three decisions, first, choose the correct web hosting type, second choose the best plans of your chosen web hosting and last where to buy a chosen web hosting plan. In the above section of the article, we discussed two decisions and now turn to a third decision. So in the market, there are many web hosting providers in India who give the services of shared hosting with the Linux operating system. But the task is how do you know which provider is the best? So don’t worry! We are helping you. There are some signs of a reputable and trusted web hosting company such as they give a high uptime, more security, and 24*7 Instant Technical support.

We recommend Hostbillo Hosting Solution as the best and most trusted web hosting company in India. Hosbillo’s Linux hosting plans in India are also excellent. They give many benefits with their Cheap Linux shared hosting in India plans such as:-

  • 7 days credit back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Weekly data backup
  • Malware and virus protection
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free Website builder
  • 90% Uptime Assurance
  • DDoS protection
  • 24*7 instant technical support

Moreover, Hostbillo gives Free website builder features with their best Linux shared hosting in India services so you cannot hire any professional developer and designer to build a website. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have knowledge related to designing and coding. You can build your website.

Hostbillo gives four choices of cheap Linux shared hosting plans in India such as Billo SH1, Billo SH2, Billo SH3, and Billo SH4. In the below image, you can see the plans with prices. Also, what amount of resources ( Disk space, Bandwidth,) do they offer?


For a new WordPress website, we honestly recommend shared hosting. Because this hosting is affordable. In the beginning, a website doesn’t need too many resources and it receives only a limited number of visitors. So a shared server easily fulfills the requirements. With shared hosting always choose a Linux operating system.

If you want to buy the best Linux shared hosting in India services then buy from Hostbillo Hosting Solution. In the above section of the article, we already discussed about their benefits and plans. If still you have a question related to their Linux Hosting in India plans then you can touch their customer support team They are available 24*7 to solve their customers’ problems.

Best Linux Shared Hosting Plan
Get The Best Linux Shared Hosting Plan For WordPress in India
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