How to Transform Blogs into Captivating Video Scripts?

Reusing existing content to reach a broader audience is an effective way of releasing your marketing messages. If you are looking forward to upgrading your marketing strategy, an excellent option is repurposing blogs into video scripts. Using video content correctly may have a massive impact on your brand.

When creating an effective blog-based video, you need seasoned blog writers for hire to get proper mileage from the videos. It is the quickest way to engage the audience in meaningful and interesting conversations.

Here is how to give a fresh lease of life to your blogs and repurpose them to attractive video content.

·        Select the right content

When transforming blogs into attractive video scripts, make sure you choose apt content. Check from a list of blog posts you have and find out which one of them may effectively work for video scripts. While the content needs to be informative, check whether it adds meaningful contexts related to your brand. A good thing would be to analyze the interesting blog posts with good performances in the past.

·        Enhance your knowledge of visuals

Ever wondered why turning a blog post into a captivating video would work? Well, the magic lies in the visuals. To make the video script attention-grabbing, you need to add only the important tidbits from the blog post. The catch is to choose the main points from the blog post on which the video needs to focus. Writing each point appropriately around the visual images that translate into meaningful marketing messages won’t be tough if you pick the best blog content writing services.  Creating videos from blog posts with suitable context will let your audience enjoy them.

·        Hire a professional writing agency

Changing blog content to video scripts is much like lending a voice to your content. If you want the marketing message to shine through, look for SEO blog writing services. Wondering whether you must hire a freelance blog writer or a full-fledged content writing agency? Connect with Content Freelancing and notice how your business moves higher to rank in the major search engines.

·        Create the video content

Once you finish choosing the right blog, start creating the video content. Assimilate all the significant points of your blog that you want to include in the video. A blog will have a lot of content but you won’t need that much. So, try to format the blog and pick only what you find can engage your audience visually. Try to make the video content simple yet intriguing enough to captivate your audience’s mind. Here is how you need to frame the video script:

  1. First, you need to create a title to grab the viewer’s attention and it should be one of the most compelling aspects of the video. So, create something that adds to your brand value.
  2. The duration of the video may depend on the industry but overall it is short. Make sure you create a concise script that focuses on your brand or the message you want to convey.
  3. Create a fantastic introduction to set the video content apart and captivate the attention of viewers from the start, it will set the stage for your audience to watch the rest of the video.
  4. Write about the problem or the strategies you are trying to suggest through the video and tell the audience what you are trying to accomplish.
  5. Provide an appropriate solution that relates to the problem.


·        Use the storytelling technique

Another significant aspect of creating a video script from blog content is using the storytelling technique. This will help in engaging your audience emotionally. The story needs to create a stir from the start and hold the audience’s attention until the end. All you need is to create a memorable experience for the audience through the storytelling script.

·        Add an appropriate call to action

Don’t forget to add an appropriate call to action and make a specific request to the audience to watch the video or ask them to sign up for your newsletter. Experts of reputed website content writing services may create a better ending for the video script with a truly impressive CTA.

Statistics reveal that a video script is five to seven times more effective in growing your revenue. When used in the landing page the popularity of your brand can go up to a whopping 80%. Can blog posts with information create the same magic? But that is not to say that blogs are not effective. But perking up the main points of blogs with interesting visuals to create a better impact is using the content to the fullest extent. No wonder, repurposing a blog post into a video is a cost-effective way to engage your target audience.

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