Marcela Nowak – A Journey Through Colors and Emotions in Art

Exploring the Artistic Realm of Marcela Nowak

In the realm of artists, stories replete with challenges and achievements form an integral part of their life narratives. Marcela Nowak, a Polish multimedia artist, and a published photographer, revitalized her artistic journey upon entering the American landscape. Here, she discovered, explored, and reignited her passion.

Following her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Marcela Nowak, a winner of the Red Dot Award, followed her artistic instinct across the Atlantic to settle in the United States. New York became the canvas on which she honed her skills at New York University. Despite initial challenges, her unwavering determination to perfect her craft and nurture creativity became the driving force behind her exceptional accomplishments.

Currently based in Los Angeles, Marcela Nowak not only pushes boundaries as an art director and designer. But also expresses her artistic essence through abstract paintings bursting with colors, details, and emotions. Her creative works seamlessly blend floral, and botanical. And coral reef motifs, transport viewers to realms of both land and ocean. Evoking the sensation of existence both above the earth and beneath the waves.

Carefully selected patterns in her artworks are designed to evoke specific emotions in the viewer. Blue, symbolizing tranquility, acts as a soothing balm for the nerves, while red radiates joy, love, and passion. Meanwhile, orange embodies intelligence, dedication, activity, and enthusiasm. Collectively, these elements form a spectrum of emotions that observers unearth while standing before her creations.

Who is Marcela Nowak and What Makes Her Work Unique

Marcela Nowak’s works are profoundly intricate, demanding hours of labor. Each canvas takes over a month to complete, and their impressive dimensions, often reaching up to 48 x 48 inches, invite immersion into her vibrant world of colors and elements.

Beyond being a mere creative process, painting holds a deeper meaning for Marcela. It serves as a form of meditation, calming her mind amidst Los Angeles’ dynamic pace. It’s a time when she can detach from daily routines and embrace her passion.

Drawing inspiration from journeys and memories of extraordinary adventures, Marcela’s artworks are a testament to the talent, diligence, and a deep connection to nature and human spirituality.

Marcela Nowak stands as a prime example of an artist in constant growth, drawing inspiration from her surroundings, travels, and life experiences. Her works are both refined forms of expression and unique guides conveying emotions and reflections. More of her creations can be explored on her website: and her Instagram:

Marcela Nowak
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