Nag- Panchami

As we all know Shravan is going on and Nag-Panchami is celebrated on the fifth day of the Lunar month. In the year 2023, Naga Panchami will commence on the 21st of August on Monday. It will be great that it is coming on Monday as it is a very auspicious day to worship Lord Shiva, especially in Shravan. If you are a person who is facing problems of delay in marriage, then it may be kalsarp dosh. It is believed that worshipping Naga on Nag Panchami is profitable for you. In ancient times, snakes were easily available for worshipping. But in the present time, it is difficult to find snakes in pairs. Then the other option left is that you can buy nag-nagin joda from online websites and worship them for the wellness of your family.

How to Worship on Nag Panchami?

On the day of Nag-Panchami, Nag is worshipped with a water bath and milk bath offering sweets, flowers, and even sacrifices. In regions like India and Nepal, people used to fast on this day. Brahmins are fed for the health of everyone. Nag Panchmi was founded by Jains, Buddhists, and Hindus. Fairs are held on this day. Digging ground is considered a sin on this day because it will harm the snakes that reside on Earth. In villages, it is believed that snakes live in the Anthills. So the milk is offered to the Snake outside the Anthills and believed that the snake will have the milk. (This is written in the Historic tales to feed milk to the snake.) Bhraturu Panchami is also celebrated on this day when sisters worship wellness for their brothers and offer prayer to Naga so that their brothers get protected from the fear of snakes and snake bites. According to Dharam-saar, it is very beneficial to worship nag-nagin joda on Nag-Panchami.

What mantras are beneficial to Chant on Nag-Panchami?

Mantra in Hindi (Lyrics)

  1. नाग प्रीता भवन्ति शान्तिमाप्नोति बिअ विबोह्

सशन्ति लोक मा साध्य मोदते सस्थित समः

  1. अनंतं वासुकीं शेषं पद्मनाभं च कंबलम्

शंखपालं धृतराष्ट्रं च तक्षकं कालियं तथा

एतानि नव नामानि नागानाम् च महात्मन:

सायंकाले पठेन्नित्यं प्रात:काले विशेषत:

तस्य विषभयं नास्ति सर्वत्र विजयी भवेत्

Mantra in English (Lyrics)

  1. Nag Prita Bhavanti Santimapanoti Bia Viboh 

Sasanti Loka Ma Sadhya Modate Sastitah Samoh

  1. Anantam Vasuki Padanbham Ch Kambalam

Shankhpal Dhritrastram Ch Takshkam Kaliyam Tatha

Etani Nav Naamaani Naganam Ch Mahatman 

Saykale Pathenityam Pratah Kale Vishestah 

Tasya Vishbhayam Nasti Sarvatra Vijayi Bhawet 

What is Sarpdosh?

In this Blog, we are going to tell you about Kaal Sarp Dosh, its consequences, and solutions for the same. It is believed that Kalsarp dosh is related to Rahu & Ketu. And, the person who has Kalsarpdosh in his Horoscope should be led to heavy problems in his life.

Symptoms of Kalsarp Dosh 
  1. 1. A person who has Kalsarpdosh in his Horoscope has a nightmare about snakes. Some used to see that someone was strangling them.
  1. There is a lot of negative impact on the business of the person who is suffering from kalsarp dosh. It has to face repeated losses in business.
  1. 3. If you are building a new house, then you must keep a pair of snakes in the foundation.
  1. 4. Disputes with the spouse on every matter. If you wake up repeatedly in the night, then this is also a symptom of Kaal Sarp Dosha.
  1. 5. A person suffers mentally and physically due to Kaal Sarp Dosha. Along with this, headaches, skin diseases, etc. are also symptoms of Kalsarp Dosha.
Measure of Kalsarp Dosh 
  1. 1. The person who has kaal sarp dosh should worship Lord Shiva.
  1. People should worship the pair of Nag-Nagin at home to be free from Kalsarp Dosh.
  1. If you are building a new house, then you must keep a pair of snakes in the foundation.
  1. The Nag-Nagin joda will remove negative energies from our homes. 
  1. It reduces all kinds of problems related to Vastu dosha.


In this article, we tried to remove all your queries related to Nag-Panchami and Sarpdosh. We talked about the worshipping method of people about snakes. and we also talked about Sarp Dosh thoroughly. If you are a person who wants to buy Nag-Nagin joda to reduce all your relevant problems which are written in this article,

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