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Markat Misr faces economic challenges in Egypt by offering an electronic retail platform B2C for the global market. Get started now and go for a global success!! 

 In light of the economic challenges witnessed by Egypt, the high exchange rate of the dollar against the pound, and the faltering of supply chains worldwide – Market Misr platform was launched as a B2C electronic retail platform for Egyptian products targeting international markets and Egyptians abroad. 

The platform allows owners of distinguished products and industries to offer their products for free and priced in US dollars – and the Market Misr platform markets these products in international markets these products in international markets. This development is a good step towards opening new markets for distinguished Egyptian products. In addition to the role of the Market Misr platform in e-marketing products, it has also solved logistical problems for international shipping, as the Market Misr platform contributes to reducing the cost of international shipping from Egypt to all over the world and facilitating the process of buying products from Egypt.

Intelligence Technology

Thanks to artificial intelligence technology, the Control System at Market Misr uses data and analytics to understand the needs of customers and target markets in accordance with a strict privacy policy enjoyed by the Market Misr platform. This makes it easy for product owners to make appropriate strategic decisions to improve their sales and meet the needs of customers. Market Misr is an innovative emerging platform, that bypasses the logistical problems facing global supply chains, where the process of shipping and delivering products safely and on time to any part of the world at discounted international shipping rates is facilitated. The Market Misr platform provides the necessary marketing for the products of exhibitors registered in the platform for free, for its deep understanding of the mechanisms of e-marketing and improving product lists using a promotional strategy for products according to the target groups and their interests.

“Market Misr” Benefits 

As for the buyers dealing with the Market Misr platform, it represents a great opportunity for them to buy their needs from Egypt periodically. Such as copper products – furniture – spices – dates – perfume – handmade products – coffee – food – clothes, and accessories. Eids Kahk is also available on the Market Misr platform as an Egyptian tradition that is established in the conscience of Egyptians on Eid al-Fitr periodically in addition to many Egyptian products.

Buyers around the world living outside Egypt can take advantage of offers and discount coupons from Markt Misr. And also benefit from discounted shipping prices from Egypt As they increase their purchases in each purchase order. Markt Misr launches a positive challenge for Egyptian manufacturers and brands to highlight the quality. And the excellence of their products and create new visions for investment in different sectors in Egypt.

Thanks to the Market, the trade obstacles and international shipping problems facing manufacturers and traders in Egypt were overcome. Companies and producing institutions in Egypt can participate in a larger global economy and increase their chances of success. In general, the “Market Misr” platform provides rewarding opportunities for Egyptian companies to access global markets and increase their chances of success and growth. It enables them to display and sell products online in global markets and exploit digital marketing techniques to reach new segments of customers.

“Market Misr” platform

The launch of the “Market Misr” platform is a modern and serious step towards strengthening various sectors in Egypt for online retail trade around the world, as it contributes to driving trade and the economy. There is no doubt that the Market Misr platform is a bold and smart step in selling online from Egypt. Whether you have a small or large business, this platform may be your chance to take advantage of online orders.

Market Misr
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