The Top 20 Best Australian Beaches: A Coastal Paradise


The 20 Best Australian Beaches Some of the most attractive beaches in the world may be found in Australia, a country known for its various landscapes and breathtaking natural beauty. The nation’s coastline provides a wealth of possibilities for beach lovers and explorers alike, from the untamed sands of the Great Barrier Reef to the rough coastlines of Western Australia. This article will examine the top 20 beaches in Australia, each of which has its own distinct charm and personality.

List Of Top 20 Best Australian Beaches

  1. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island, Queensland

Whitehaven Beach, a seven-kilometer stretch of snow-white silica sand along the Whitsunday Islands, is a renowned paradise.

  1. Bondi Beach, Sydney, New South Wales

Australia’s most well-known urban beach, Bondi Beach, is situated in the center of Sydney. It is a gathering place for surfers, sunbathers, and cafe lovers thanks to its recognizable crescent shape and lively ambiance. The pool at Bondi’s Bondi Icebergs Club offers stunning views of the sea.

  1. Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park, Tasmania

Wineglass Bay, a magnificent crescent-shaped beach tucked away in Tasmania’s Freycinet National Park, is surrounded by granite mountains. For hikers and animal aficionados, it is a haven that offers unmatched beauty and serenity.

  1. Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia

Cable Beach, which stretches for 22 kilometers along the Indian Ocean’s coast, is well known for its golden sands and mesmerizing sunsets. Even camel rides are available for tourists to enjoy as the sun sets along the beach.

  1. Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas, Queensland

Four Mile Beach offers a tranquil haven sandwiched between the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest. It is perfect for swimming and relaxing because of the palm-lined shoreline and tranquil waves.

  1. Manly Beach, Sydney, New South Wales

Manly Beach offers a relaxed coastal experience and is reachable from Sydney’s Circular Quay by a beautiful ferry trip. Its reliable waves and lively café scene are beloved by surfers and beachgoers alike.

  1. Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay, New South Wales

The whitest sands in the world may be found at Hyams Beach, which is well known for this. It’s a beautiful area for swimming, picnicking, and snorkeling because it’s part of the Jervis Bay Marine Park.

  1. Noosa Main Beach, Noosa, Queensland

Noosa Main Beach, which lies in the center of the Sunshine Coast, is well known for its calm surf and mild waters. It is a well-liked location for both tourists and locals because it is surrounded by upscale stores and eateries.

  1. Byron Bay, New South Wales

Byron Bay is a cultural center with a bohemian vibe and more than just a beach. Travelers adore its unique environment and thriving music scene and surfers throng to its waves.

  1. Surfers Paradise Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland

Surfers Paradise Beach is exactly what its name implies—a surfer’s paradise. This crowded beach on the Gold Coast is well-known for its surf and skyline of tall buildings, providing a distinctive urban beach experience.

  1. Bells Beach, Torquay, Victoria

In addition to hosting the Rip Curl Pro surfing competition, Bells Beach is a legendary surfing location. The rocky coastline is worth a visit even if you aren’t catching waves.

  1. Cable Bay, East Arnhem Land, Northern Territory

Visit Cable Bay in East Arnhem Land for a beach experience that is more isolated. It presents a special chance to connect with Australia’s history because it is surrounded by lush scenery and a vibrant indigenous culture

  1. Lucky Bay, Cape Le Grand National Park, Western Australia

Lucky Bay, which is part of Cape Le Grand National Park, is well known for having a colony of amiable kangaroos. Kangaroos hop down the sand while visitors unwind on the spotless beach.

  1. South Beach, Fremantle, Western Australia

The ideal fusion of urban convenience and scenic beauty may be found in South Beach. It’s the perfect place for relaxing and people-watching because of its gentle beaches, beautiful waters, and close-by eateries.

  1. Manly Cove Beach, Sydney, New South Wales

A more tranquil option is provided by Manly Cove Beach, which is close to Manly Beach. Families and beachgoers looking for a more relaxing experience will find the sheltered bay to be perfect.

  1. Turquoise Bay, Cape Range National Park, Western Australia

Due to its breathtakingly blue waters and colorful coral reefs, Turquoise Bay is appropriately named. Divers and snorkelers can explore the Ningaloo Reef’s underwater splendors.

  1. Mandalay Beach, Walpole, Western Australia

Mandalay Beach, tucked away in the Walpole-Nornalup National Park, offers a wild and undeveloped shoreline. It’s a great location for picnics, beachcombing, and hiking.

  1. Palm Cove, Cairns, Queensland

A tropical haven noted for its opulent villas and arching palm trees is called Palm Cove. It provides quick access to one of the most extraordinary underwater habitats in the world and serves as the entrance to the Great Barrier Reef.

  1. Seventy-Five Mile Beach, Fraser Island, Queensland

The Seventy-Five Mile Beach on Fraser Island is a rare example of a beach and roadway combo. While visiting the island’s varied landscapes, including freshwater lakes and deep rainforests, visitors can drive along this sandy stretch.

  1. Shelly Beach, Port Macquarie, New South Wales

Divers and snorkelers will find peace and tranquility at Shelly Beach in Port Macquarie. It is a well-liked location for underwater exploration due to the abundance of marine life in its calm waters.


There are countless beautiful beaches throughout Australia’s coastline, each with its own allure. These top 20 Australian beaches provide a variety of experiences for beach lovers and explorers alike, from the immaculate white sands of Whitehaven Beach to the cultural center of Byron Bay. On the shores of this coastal paradise, you can discover whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s leisure, water sports, or natural beauty. So take your surfboard, pack your swimwear, and set out to discover Australia’s top beaches.

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