What Is the Difference Between a Physical Address and a Mailing Address?

A physical address deals with your geographic location. It is usually your street address or your company address. A mailing address, on the other hand, is where you will receive your mail. You can set a different mailing address for security or privacy reasons. You could get in touch with a third party to find a reliable Postal address, so you can have the same peace of mind that you have with your Spectrum payment mailing address. As a company owner, it is alright to have multiple addresses, as each serves its own purpose.

Physical Address  

A physical address falls within a defined boundary. It takes to a physical house, building, office, store, and so on. Furthermore, being within defined boundaries makes the physical address liable to tax and other laws relating to that region. It is necessary to have a physical address for business registrations, credit applications, and for receiving parcels. Physical addresses are finalized by the taxing agencies of any region.   

Mailing Address  

The mailing address is the destination for your mail. This can be other than a physical address when you want to maintain your privacy. Delivery addresses can now be obtained through different companies. This is highly convenient for when you want to receive unrestricted mail.  

Importance of Mailing Address  

For people running home-based businesses or carrying out remote work, mailing addresses are very important. For example, putting your home address in your work mailing address will not be the best idea. Potential investors may see this as unprofessional. Especially when your competitors have mailing addresses in well-regarded business areas.   

Furthermore, having the same address for your home mail and your business mail can become very messy. The pile of mail would become hard to sort and may even result in you missing out on some important information. Thus, it is important to keep your home address and business address separate. By setting up a mailing address for your business, you can receive all your business-related mail at a specified location. With that, you have the freedom to pick it up at your convenience.   

Not forgetting, it isn’t the wisest choice to put your home address out so publicly. You will be exposing yourself and your family, which can get very risky. It is important to think in the long term and steer clear of such danger.   

Alternatives to Physical Address  

Here is how you can receive your mail without using your physical address.  

Virtual Office Address  

By using a real street address for your virtual business, you will come off as highly professional. Virtual office address allows you to share a real street address in a reputable location as your mailing address. You are safe from any overhead charges that may come with an actual office space. For example, by acquiring a virtual office from some third party, you will receive a virtual business address as well as a real street address. All this without even setting up an office. For days when you do need office space, the third-party provider can manage that for you at the real street address given.   

Your virtual mailing address will receive all of your business mail. If the need arises, you can set up a system with the third party to have your mail delivered to your physical address.   

PO Box  

The Post Office box address is convenient for receiving mail directly from a postal service. However, you cannot use a PO Box address for your business. You can use it as a mailing address while concealing your home address from the general public.   

Pack and Ship Mailbox  

Recognized as a centralized mailbox, here a package is received and processed independently. Most neighborhoods have their pack-and-ship mailboxes. It is a good option for receiving personal or even business packages.   

Virtual Mailbox

A virtual office and a virtual mailbox are the same but quite different, nonetheless. The virtual mailbox is like an online variation of a mailing address. Your mail is delivered to a remote location. You can constantly track your package through your devices. Once received by the third party, you are informed of the package received. Then it is your choice to have it delivered to your choices, have it stocked, or have it discarded. This is highly convenient for frequent travelers. It is a great way to manage mail, especially for filtering important mail from junk.   

Thus, a physical address and a mailing address have their use. The use of either is dependent on the purpose it is being used for. A physical address is best for personal matters, while a mailing address is advised for business-related matters. 

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